Logic Pro 9 Playback channel puzzle


8 vocal channels/tracks, which I want to send to a single choir stereo channel.

I have set the output of the 8 to bus 5, and the input of the choir channel to bus 5.

Yet, with the choir channel muted I still hear the 8 voices, and the fader on the choir channel has no effect.

What have I forgotten here?

You might have accidentally created 2 channels, since Logic will automatically make an aux when you create a bus. Check to make sure you don't have 2 returns going at the same time... sounds like you might.
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I think you're right - at any rate, it's now working as it should :)

I couldn't actually find a second channel, even when opening the mixer to 'All', but I've been playing with the settings and can;t replicate the original problem, so that's good enough for jazz :)

thanks george
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