Logic Studio apps Playback sync bug?

Robert Wilson

I just exported another backing track from Logic 9.0.2.

As per the intermittent weirdness, this one gave me the option to switch on sync (some have, some haven't - no obvious rhyme or reason).

Anyway, the track was exported at 94.00bpm.
In MS, with sync deactivated, the patch says 94.00bpm but the playback plugin reports 93.8bpm.

This isn't a big deal since it plays nice with ultrabeat.

However, click sync and the playback plugin now says 94.0bpm but now goes out of sync with UB very quickly.

Anyone else seen this?
I've been playing around with the Playback plug-in quite a bit lately and I have seen only a little odd tempo stuff (export value is not what shows up in Mainstage).

I wonder if your problem is that the loop length is not perfect. I've had some issues with there being some buffer at the beginning of the loop.

Remove plugins from the output channel strip and move all my projects a bar to the right.

It didn't always work but helped in most cases.