Playback through Roland digital piano speakers?


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I have been using my HP-507 as a simple midi controller for Logic, and then playing back through amplified computer speakers. But I accidentally noticed yesterday that a recorded track came back through the USB cable and I heard it through the Roland! Did I just imagine this? Or am I missing some configuration? I can't reproduce this.

The Mac does not show the Roland as a "core audio" device so I can't select it from OS-X. Does anyone know how to configure Logic/Mac to playback through the Roland audio system with the USB connection?
After taking a quick scan of the quick start and the manual, It appears that you can record a 2 channel audio file to a USB memory stick, but you can not use it as a USB audio interface.
Thanks - I was unable to find anything else about an audio USB connection/driver. I submitted a support request at Roland's support page to ask - and to request this as a feature in OS V3.

But I switched the audio output from the powered speakers to the RCA audio inputs on the piano itself (not sure why this never occurred to me before), eliminating the extra speakers. Logic now plays (including metronome) through the piano speakers at the same time as the keyboard, mixing both Logic and Roland supernatural through the same output.