Logic Pro X playhead / meters stuck gui


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Logic pro x 10.5.1
mbp e2015 16gb

-Opened it up today and the playhead will move for about a bar and freeze..
-the meters are also frozen
- if i click on screen with mouse, it moves again for about the length of a bar then freezes
-everything else (including other daws work fine)

What I did to try to resolve:
-reset logic prefs
-delete windows management plist
-delete com.apple.logic10.plist
-reinstall logic
-reset pram
-changed audio to internal driver
-with / without internet
-re-installed mojave
-made a new account to test it with
-some other things i cant think of now

-- if i keep my mouse button pressed, the screen is fine and everything works/gui updates as it should... if i let go of mouse, the playhead/metering freezes in under a bar..--

Anybody know what this could be?

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-Re-Installed Logic again...

-"new from template" is now missing from the file menu
- If I open a new project - screen stays empty (only top logic menu visible)

Thanks for your help=)

edit: restored logic from timemachine - The menus look normal again, but the frozen gui is still there...(unless holding mouse key - then logics screen works normally)

-again, all other daws etc are fine...

solved here: playhead / meters stuck gui - Logic Pro Help

mods- feel free to delete this thread... thanks again)
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