Playing loops


Is anyone annoyed at the fact that the QuickTime player (under Windows, not sure about Mac) cannot properly loop an audio file when played. For example, I've exported a section of a song, and want to preview it in a continous loop, but QuickTime player always makes a gap when "rewinding", which, for example, does not happen in Window Media Player (Win98 version, "mplayer2.exe").

The thing is, I have to play it in QuickTime, because WMP98 doesn't support HD audio. But, no proper looping.

Has anyone found a solution, maybe?

Pete Thomas

Staff member
Moved the post here as its not specific to Logic, but Apple software.

What happens if you bounce to mp3 pr some other format?


Well, the "pro" software like Logic, Ableton Live, and such, do not export to mp3, as you may already know. This would be an extra step, I'd like to avoid. Is mp3 at all suitable for short loops?
Actually, I will make the player myself, since I need this function exclusively for WAV files. I wonder whether this will work in Java (JVM)?

Sorry about the wrong forum, didn't see it before.