Logic Pro 8 Playing sounds in the Library?

Are there any ways to audition sounds in the library other than clicking the file and then clicking the tiny play button in the library window?

I'm moving over from Pro Tools and bringing my years of SFX libraries with me. Many of these sounds are incredibly short. While searching for the right sound effect, it seems crazy to click a sound, then click play... then click another sound... then click play.

Is there an option to create a right-click hotkey to audition a sound in the library?

Are there any other options?

P.S. I don't mean to be annoying with lots of questions. :) I'm new to Logic and blown away by what it can do. WOW!!! I'm just trying to learn Logic's way of doing things I already know. Cheers!
Is that new in Logic 9, because I'm using 8 and nothing happens when I hit the spacebar. Up/Down arrows move from file to file, but spacebar does nothing.


No, it's in 8 - right click on the little greyed out audio logo below the Library window and check that Prelisten via CoreAudio is ticked
OK, I checked. Prelisten Via CoreAudio was clicked. Spacebar doesn't work in the library for me. No idea why. If I click the tiny play button, audio plays, but pressing the spacebar doesn't.