Please help adjusting the right music volume in my project studio


Dear fellows,

perhaps it is a strange or easy question for all here, but I want to ask it in order to make it right for the future.

The following possibilities I have in order to change volumes:

- Master out in Logic: 1 to 0db?
- General level fader in Logic: odb?
- Level fader for the output directly in the MacOS to the Mackie Big Knob: full volume?
- Line in at the back of the Mackie Big Knob for the DAW output: full volume?
- Three line out's at the back of my Mackie Big Knob to 3 loudpeaker pairs: full volumes?
- Adjustment for the line in at the back of my Event PS-1: full volumes?
- Gain amount at the front of my Bose Companion II as my PC Speakers: full volume?
- Gain adjustment at my actice receiver in order to adjust the volume to my passive Bose HiFi speakers: best volume as possible?

And now the big question: How would you adjust it?

Hoping to get good response I say thanks in advance.

Greetings from Germany


to me, the main output from logic always stay at 0dB and you work on your mix. The amount of the gain is adjusting on each channel strip.

Watch out the peak level of your main output when mixing.

Bounce the project and start mastering it!


what do you mean exactly?
all after the output of my iMac is not really necessary how much gain exactly and all for my own subjective needs only?
What about the input gain back at my Mackie Big Knob directly as the DAW input?

Maj G

Which volume are you trying to change? Are you changing the volume for mixing tracks?

Logic output? Monitor volume? Headphone volume?

What is the signal chain of your monitoring system?

You should not be adjusting the volume knob on the back of your Event monitors. Set them once and leave them alone.

Where in Germany do you live b-pole?

Maj G