Logic Pro 9 Please help... Logic is doing some really weird things


Ok, got a few questions here.
Ive been using Logic 9 for about 3 weeks now and have done maybe 4 different projects on it.
Ive been having some really weird issues with Logic 9. Im a new user but my friend has it and has the exact computer and has never had these issues and has actually really had no issues. All my updates are current Im using Logic 9.1.1 with OS x 10.6.3 on a MAC PRO 2.66 Ghz Quadcore Intel Xeon

Here are my issues and thanks for any help in advance:

1. Logic 9 has to think for quite a while before it will just record or play:
Im not talking about being gone for awhile and its sleeping so the hard drives have to rev back up. I mean Ive been recording the gtr part lets say and after their done with that part we double the gtr on another track and when I go to hit record I end up waiting for like a long 5 seconds. That goes for play too.

2. Goes silent when I "punch in":
Well if Im doing vocals or anything and I need to punch in, all the playback tracks go dead silent for like a second. I had this problem when I first started using it but I fixed it by enabling "punch on the fly", and that totally fixed it but then it started doing it again. Its not fun.

(ok heres the real weird one)

3. The track I just recorded plays back right before the track should actually start:
Ok so let me explain this. This has happened only on one project but happened a bunch of times. So Im doing vocals and we go through the whole song and the vocalist gets all done with the song. Then he wants to hear what he did. So when I play it back the vocals come in way early, maybe 2 bars early. Now I know I didnt accidentally physically move the track because if I look at the very beginning of the region it lines up with all the the other regions. The actual waveform though starts before it should and plays back before it should. real weird.

Ok theres some other weird things too. Like the regions dont appear all the time when Im recording, like the graphics are glitchy or something. Also, one time I recorded this project, listened back to everything and it all sounded fine. I shutdown, came back the next day opened the same project to start mixing but when I opened it, it said that one file couldnt be played cause it was a 8bit audio file. When I looked in the audio bin and found that file it had an exclamation mark by it. It did say it was an 8bit file and it wouldnt play in the arrange window. Luckily I could preview it in the audio bin so I opened up Gargeband and recorded it on there and then replaced the old one with the new one. that was really weird you cant even record 8bit files on Logic. Why would you want too.

Well I think that about covers it. You know Ive been using DP3 for the last 11 years and finally got a new computer so I decided to go with Logic. I really do like Logic, I like the way it sounds, I like the features, and the work flow is pretty sweet too but, with all the problems Im having Im about ready to throw it out the window. This is just ridiculous. Tomorrow im gonna reinstall everything on the computer, I have 2 hard drives one is all my audio files and one is just for the programs. Im gonna wipe out the program hard drive reinstall the OS and then reinstall Logic 9 and see if that fixes anything. In the meantime does anyone have any idea why all these things would be happening to me?

Thank you soo much!

Are you recording and playing back from the system drive or a different drive? If it's not the system drive (using a different drive is a good choice), depending on where you bought it, it will be PC formatted. If you didn't reformat, that may well be your problem. You can verify by using Disk Utility.
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hi doug thanks for the reply! yes i did format it to osx and im not using the system drive. any other ideas? today im gonna wipe out my system drive and start over. so hopefully that will fix everything.
ps: i tried both drives and it didnt change anything.
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By starting over on your system drive you could take care of a lot of problems. Make sure you're updated on the latest Logic and Pro App updates and audio interface drivers (you don't say what your hardware interface is, at least I didn't notice. Beware if it's a Digidesign device). Post what your status is after that. If problems still exist, try to describe them. I may not be able to provide an answer, but perhaps someone else can.
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Ditto what Doug says. I've seen this problem before. It's more than likely that you don't have all the pro app updates installed. Run Software Update from under the Apple menu and make sure everything is up to date.
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thanks so much guys for trying to help, i really appreciate it. ok my setup is a ramsa da7>adat out>presonus firestudio lightpipe>firewire out>mac
i am all updated.
heres something weird. i reinstalled everything and after i did i went and check to c if on my projects i could punch in on the fly since thats something i could tell right away. a couple did and a couple didnt. i have no idea what could cause this. could my mac be broke? i cant believe mac wont help me without apple aid.
can anyone help? i searched for this stuff on google and i found a couple people who had the same problem but back in like 2007 and they couldnt figure it out either. i just got this setup id really like it to work.

thanks again soo much.

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This probably isn't the problem, but, just to rule out the obvious: Is "punch on the fly" enabled on the sessions you are having the problems with? It is under the Audio menu on top of the Arrange Window. Or, it is also available as a button ib the Transport bar. When it is not enabled and you attempt tp punch in, there is a slight delay. When it is enabled, punching in is instantaneous.
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Hi jal - I have exactly the same tower as you and have had a few weird problems - I've just posted a doozy in this forum!
One of the improvement strategies I'm following is increasing my RAM having been advised to check it on the Apple Logic forum. I downloaded atMonitor and its fascinating to see how quickly I approach the limits of my 5Gig - so I've ordered another 2 today.
( Look at Doug's sig in this thread)

You don't mention how much RAM you have.
Have you repaired permissions?
Have you serviced your File and Volume structures?
Are you running any other software in the background?

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hey peter,
i have 3 gigs of ram, i repaired my permission, i serviced my file and volume structures and i am all updated on logic and apple.
see the kicker is that my friend has the exact same setup (same comp and program) and he has no problems at all. he runs all kinds of programs in the background, no problems at all.
i did do one thing though. i made a new project folder and put all the files of the project that gave me the most problems in there and it seems to be ok so maybe that one was just corrupt. but i still had the punch on the fly issue. i guess ill just keep a watch out. anybody have anymore ideas? is my computer broke? i just got it like 2mos ago so its still under warranty.

thanks alot
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> i have 3 gigs of ram

My atMonitor menu tool (freeware) tells me that with only Logic running /and nothing else/ I am using 4.44 G Ram! ( Logic itself is using about 1.5 Gig so I presume the rest is basic system stuff)

So I would presume, in a guessy kind of way, that if you have a similar setup to me, you're mac is having to find another Gig and a bit by accessing your hard drive.

If that's the case then punch on the fly is bound to twitch a bit.

try atMonitor


and see for yourself - I might be talking a load of old cock :)

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thanks peter ill take a look at that soon. i recently did a firmware update on the presonus and also noticed that my harddrives were set at "fall asleep when ever able too" hehe so i changed that. thats seemed ridiculous. so im just gonna wait and c how it turns out, i have a good feeling though.

thanks again
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I'm a long-time Logic user (since the Emagic days), and I can feel your pain. These are very frustrating issues, making Logic basically unusable for you... but don't give up! It can be fixed. You might notice that this is my first post here. I registered so I could reply to this thread. I've had to troubleshoot many Logic issues in my day, and this one reminds me of some problems I've had in the past. Not in any specific way, but like you said, it's just weird. Okay, This is what I would do:

I would start by minimizing the system - and I don't mean the OS - I mean the entire system. Disconnect your sound card and use the built-in audio (use headphones if you don't have a stereo mini). Unhook all external hard drives and record onto the system drive. (Please, no flames - I know all about separate drives for audio and system - just bear with me.) Disconnect all USB devices except your keyboard and mouse. Disable all your third-party plug-ins if you have any. Lower your track count for now (until you get more RAM). Minimize this system until all you're using is a stock install of Logic and the Mac OS. Don't use anything that you don't absolutely need to run Logic and hear what it's doing. Pretend like you just got home from the store with your Mac and Logic. It's a very stable system out of the box, and frankly, every single issue I've ever had came down to some third-party product or non-Apple piece of hardware. Once you disable and unhook everything, do a cold boot. Not a restart - actually shut the thing down, wait a few minutes, and start it back up. Now, start a new project and try to make it misbehave. Has anything changed? If it behaves better, then I would start by adding the external hard drives back to the system, one at a time, and check it again. Then add the audio card, then the plugs, then the USB devices. You get the idea.

The best way to troubleshoot any system is to get rid of everything you don't need and see if the problem persists. If you get your system down to just Apple products, my guess is that it will work. If it doesn't, take the Mac to an Apple store and challenge them to get it to work. You're still under warranty, so it shouldn't cost you anything. If it does work, then you can add hardware and software (one product at a time) until it breaks. Then you will know where to look further for a permanent fix. Good luck.

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hey all,
i just wanted to update u guys. i took my mac pro to the apple store the ran all the tests they could and stressed the computer out as much as they could. they found no problems at all. i know theres something wrong though cause i have my friends computer in the studio right now and i have it hooked up to my hardware (the same i use) and im haveing no issues at all. man what the hell could be the problem. how could one exact computer running the same program and the same hardware work but the other not. this is absurd!

hey tim i have actually done what u said without knowing it. cause i didnt have anything except logic and i only had 1 harddrive. the reason i got a 2nd internal harddrive is cause i was having problems. until i borrowed my friends mac i was starting to think it was the presonus but im not having any problems at all with his.

grrrr... im soo frustrated.

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Given that things are working on your friend's computer, investigate the differences in the two operating systems. Are they the exact same versions of the OS? Run software update on both, examine what the differences are and if they might be affecting things.
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ill look but im pretty sure the only difference is is the system harddrive (mine was an upgrade i guess) but the apple store tested that. i asked them if they tested the firewire or usb port, they said they did but they cant test it thoroughly without the hardware or something like that.
eli i c u make logic videos so im assuming u know it and apple pretty well, what would cause logic to throw tracks in the trash?

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ps: i did do a migration with my friends computer so i think all the setting would be the same as far as software and stuff the only hardware diffference i think is that sytem harddrive but ill look into it it more thoroughly.
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ps: i did do a migration with my friends computer so i think all the setting would be the same as far as software and stuff the only hardware diffference i think is that sytem harddrive but ill look into it it more thoroughly.

Does that mean that, rather than setting up your system from scratch, you migrated it from another system?

kind regards

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yes mark but only after i noticed problems. originally i had my own settings. i did the migration thing out of pure desperateness.
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