Logic Pro 9 Please help... Logic is doing some really weird things


Ok, got a few questions here.
Ive been using Logic 9 for about 3 weeks now and have done maybe 4 different projects on it.
Ive been having some really weird issues with Logic 9. Im a new user but my friend has it and has the exact computer and has never had these issues and has actually really had no issues. All my updates are current Im using Logic 9.1.1 with OS x 10.6.3 on a MAC PRO 2.66 Ghz Quadcore Intel Xeon

Here are my issues and thanks for any help in advance:

1. Logic 9 has to think for quite a while before it will just record or play:
Im not talking about being gone for awhile and its sleeping so the hard drives have to rev back up. I mean Ive been recording the gtr part lets say and after their done with that part we double the gtr on another track and when I go to hit record I end up waiting for like a long 5 seconds. That goes for play too.

2. Goes silent when I "punch in":
Well if Im doing vocals or anything and I need to punch in, all the playback tracks go dead silent for like a second. I had this problem when I first started using it but I fixed it by enabling "punch on the fly", and that totally fixed it but then it started doing it again. Its not fun.

(ok heres the real weird one)

3. The track I just recorded plays back right before the track should actually start:
Ok so let me explain this. This has happened only on one project but happened a bunch of times. So Im doing vocals and we go through the whole song and the vocalist gets all done with the song. Then he wants to hear what he did. So when I play it back the vocals come in way early, maybe 2 bars early. Now I know I didnt accidentally physically move the track because if I look at the very beginning of the region it lines up with all the the other regions. The actual waveform though starts before it should and plays back before it should. real weird.

Ok theres some other weird things too. Like the regions dont appear all the time when Im recording, like the graphics are glitchy or something. Also, one time I recorded this project, listened back to everything and it all sounded fine. I shutdown, came back the next day opened the same project to start mixing but when I opened it, it said that one file couldnt be played cause it was a 8bit audio file. When I looked in the audio bin and found that file it had an exclamation mark by it. It did say it was an 8bit file and it wouldnt play in the arrange window. Luckily I could preview it in the audio bin so I opened up Gargeband and recorded it on there and then replaced the old one with the new one. that was really weird you cant even record 8bit files on Logic. Why would you want too.

Well I think that about covers it. You know Ive been using DP3 for the last 11 years and finally got a new computer so I decided to go with Logic. I really do like Logic, I like the way it sounds, I like the features, and the work flow is pretty sweet too but, with all the problems Im having Im about ready to throw it out the window. This is just ridiculous. Tomorrow im gonna reinstall everything on the computer, I have 2 hard drives one is all my audio files and one is just for the programs. Im gonna wipe out the program hard drive reinstall the OS and then reinstall Logic 9 and see if that fixes anything. In the meantime does anyone have any idea why all these things would be happening to me?

Thank you soo much!



UTM?? is thyat universal something mode? if yes then yes thats on. i did a google search on this problem and i saw someone mentioned that so i checked and yes it is on.
thanks markdvc!
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