Logic Pro 9 Please Help: No Effects When Bouncing


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When I bounce vocal tracks along with instrument tracks to a new track, the effects that I placed on the original vocal tracks do not bounce; the vocal track is dry. I've tried to do this two ways:
1. Run the vocal track to a bus that has my effects: Input>Bus 1, than Bus 1>Stereo Out.

2. I also tried using sends. In the vocal track, place Bus 1 under "sends", than in the aux channel strip, "Bus 1" in to Stereo Out.

Both methods produced a dry vocal track. Please help...this is really bugging me.
The effects are fine when I "insert" them right on the vocal track. But when dealing with 6 or so vocal tracks, I'd like to run the effects through either one bus or one channel strip and avoid effects on each individual track. Thanks.


Are you bouncing using the menu command and adding the resulting track to the Bin, or are you bouncing in place by recording in real time to another track? If the latter, make sure the input on the new track is set to a bus that includes the Reverb Bus output. (Please forgive me if you've already thought of this and it's still not working correctly, I'm just going over in my head what could be wrong!)


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I was using the latter (bouncing in place/recording in realtime). You may have solved my problem; I don't believe I routed the new track to the bus that contains the reverb bus. I will try it today. Thanks.