Logic Pro 9 please help with 2 seemingly easy questions


i know both of these must be easy.

my fresh install of logic managed to lose 2 settings i had, and i can't figure out how to change them.

1. i have a korg kontrol 49 midi keyboard. i have a sustain pedal plugged in.

it used to sustain, but now it stops playback.

i can't figure out how to change it back.

2. my " ~ " key on the keyboard used to turn on ' catch up with the play head'.

i can't figure out how to change that back either.

help please :D

I'm going to guess that Logic is interpreting both of these as Key Commands, and all you have to do is go into the Key Commands window and change them back to what you want them to do. (Maybe you did this years ago on your old computer..?) I think if you call up the KC window and hit the ~ key, it will show what command is currently associated with it. Same thing should work for hitting the sustain pedal on your Korg. HTH
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Just go into your key command and hit "reinitialize" that should set them back to the default.
If you made any custom ones, you are going to have to redo them
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