Logic Pro 8 PLEASE!! need particular keyboard sound to play in logic 8



I found a particular tone on a cheap Casio CTK-481 that I desperately want to use in a song being that I haven't been able to duplicate it elsewhere. The only problem is I don't know how to use the keyboard as an external MIDI instrument so that Logic will record and play back the tone that the keyboard preset makes.

You can't know how stupid I am about these things, so I'll lay it out for you.

I have a quarter inch Y-cable, a MacBook Pro, Apogee Duet, and a 1x1 MIDI interface.

So far I have plugged the single end of the Y-cable into the "output" hole in the back of the keyboard. I plug the "Y" end into the holes with the guitars on them that then hook to the Duet (there's a gray and an orange plug that make up the "Y" and I'm not sure if it matters which one goes where).

Then I select "external MIDI instrument" under the new track button in Logic.
I have the keyboard set to the tone number I want. After that I'm lost - what else needs to be adjusted?

Thanks to anyone who can simplify this for me - and I mean really dumbed down.


check on the casio to see what midi channel its receiving on (1-16), make your logic external instrument transmit on that same channel,
start rocking
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