Please Read first: How to post about bugs and wishes.

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This section of the forum is dedicated to discussing wishes and ideas for future versions of Logic and Mainstage, as well as bugs in released versions. The intention is, in the case of wishes, to describe and discuss new ideas and features users would like to see in future versions, in the case of bugs, to build up a knowledgebase of user issues, compare problems, confirm problems other users are having (or refute them), track bugs through logic versions and establish when they get fixed.

In doing all of this, hopefully we will provide an important service to the whole Logic Community.

Please remember, in order to ensure that Apple are aware of a wish or a problem, you should write to one of the following:

Logic Pro:



As the term bug is often misunderstood, it may be helpful to read this definition:

In order to keep everything concise and readable, some special rules apply here. Participating in reporting bugs is entirely voluntary, anyone who wishes to take part should note the following:

Please look to see if a thread discussing the issue you are having, or the wish you have, already exists. If so, please read through it, and if you have something to add, by all means do so. If you do not see your issue in the forum, then you should start a new thread. Please do not discuss the same bug or wish in different threads, please don't discuss different bugs or wishes in the same thread. In order to keep things concise and clear, there should be one thread per bug or wish.

Discussions here need to be absolutely on topic. In particular, as mentioned in the forum rules, please do not use this forum to whine. The intention is to compile wishes and identify particular issues in order that they may be easily indentified, isolated, and hopefully fixed. Any off topic comments, whining, demeaning or disrespectful comments directed either at individuals or organisations etc. may be removed without comment by a moderator. Anyone consistently using this area to complain, vent frustrations or anything of the like, may be moderated or even banned.

If you believe that you have discovered a bug, please include these details in your report:

1. Title: Give it an appropriate and descriptive title

2. Summary: Write a summary describing what you are experiencing

3. Reproduce: List out detailed steps as to how it may be reproduced. This is vital. If you can't reproduce the problem, at the very least, explain, in clear step-by-step instructions, what you did in order to cause it. This isn't as helpful as the above, but it can still be a guide to try and reproduce your issue.

4. Result: Describe the result

5. Regression: If possible, try to find circumstances under which it doesn't occur - this could be a statement like "it first appeared in the current version of logic, it didn't occur in the previous version".

6. Notes: Anything else that may be of relevance, such as crash logs.

7. System Details:

-Computer Model

-How much RAM is installed

-Graphic card

-Audio Hardware being used - specifically, Audio and Midi interfaces, any other DSP hardware. Please include details of the driver and other utility software being used.

-The exact OS version you are using

-The exact Logic Version you are using - although it is usually sensible to be using the latest version. There is little to be gained in reporting a bug in an older logic version which was fixed in a more recent or a current version.

-Other audio software such as Audio Units or software such as VE Pro or Melodyne which may be running linked to logic. This is especially important reporting issues involving 3rd party software.

8. Reproducible: Please describe whether a bug is alway reproducible, or only sometimes, or if you couldn't reproduce it.

9. Crashlog: If the bug involves a crash, please attach the crash log. Please do not copy-paste it into your message in the forum. It will most likely make your message longer than the forum can support, as well as which, those who can read a crash log (not everyone can) can download it anyway.

This is of course a lot of work, but please note that without these details, reporting an issue may not be of much help.

Once a bug has been posted, it will be enormously helpful if other users attempt to reproduce it, and post their results.


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