i Read about the progress they've been making in Sound On Sound. They've got metering tools now you can access in an effort to combat the loudness wars. I for one am really happy to see so many people have signed up and I plan on utilizing the tools and Logos for future jobs. I think it's time the final stage of the "music making" process was a contest.


I attended a conference a while back at which Friedemann Tischmeyer was one of the guest speakers, he was very enlightening, his views on the matter and intentions are very welcome and indeed overdue. Well worth supporting IMO.

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I was able to get the DR Meter application running using Crossover (as per the recomendation) Works great. it has been very interesting to see what the ratings are for different tracks.
Is the issue redeemable? Since successful selling music today is pretty much driven by Commercial radio, the more squashed and in your face the better.

Is there a place any more for productions that breathe? Who plays it? If no-one plays it, who buys it? If no-one buys it, no-one hears it and then are we not self-indulgent for the sake of our craft integrity? - Does that sound defeatest? lol.

As with all entertainment these days (including sport etc), money talks.