Logic Pro 8 PLS HELP!! setting same start time for multiple notes in piano roll


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I have a long and fairly complex MIDI line of an arpeggiating clarinet. I need to set the start time for each of the notes at a precise tick that does not correspond with where the quantizing or snap features seem to want to take me. The problem is that the MIDI notes are not currently starting at a uniform place. Thus, I can't simply select all of them and move them to the spot I need to move them. I likewise would very much like to avoid having to go through note by note to determine which are not in line with the others. I am thinking there must be a way to select all and specify that they all start at a specific tick.

I tried quantizing them so that they are at least uniform, such that I could then select all of them and move them to a specific spot, but it won't let me move them to the specific spot I need.

The notes in question are 16th notes, and due to the nature of the clarinet sound in the MIDI, it appears that to make them sound with the click track, I have to set each note starting around the 161st tick preceding the grids for 16th notes.


Thank you and we are eternally grateful!!


Doug Zangar

There are a couple of reasons you could be having this problem and a couple of ways to fix it.

Your snap mode setting may affect things, also your zoom. You can zoom in and find it easier to move by ticks.

Holding down control and shift after you click on a note allows you to move it by very fine increments (ticks).

Get used to viewing in the event list - you can manipulate event starts there as well. If you select all, quantize to nearest grid point and then grab any one of the note start times you will move all notes simultaneously by the same amount. This can also be done in the piano roll and score editors, but the feedback is perhaps better in the event list.
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Everything Doug says is spot on. One more approach you could take - if it suits your work flow - is to simply use the delay parameter in the region parameter box. It will preserve the relationship between all the notes in your region, but offset the whole region itself by a user defined number of ticks. You can even do multiple regions at once if you wanted to.
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Here we go again. In Logic X, Piano Roll editor, how can I get the functionality that the
"Snap...Ticks" selection would seem to promise? It didn't work in L9 either. It has never worked, and the "smarter" this editor gets, the dumber I get. This is a bizarre situation to have hanging around for years...but never mind....I used to have a workaround using just some modifier key(s) but I can't find it. My KB cover set says Control Shift T is the ticket. That wasn't what I used, but there it is. It doesn't work in LX in any case. I'm awaiting an Editor's Keys board, which hopefully will address this. Meanwhile, what would be a sensible way out of this? Most of my stuff is off the grid, but "ticks" worked for me. I'm thinking I should assign a key label for this MOST vital function for me. Mostly I want to be able to work, but I can't help wondering, does anyone know WHY the brilliant minds have "ticks" on offer, whereas the nearest available is 145 ticks away? As the great Randy Newman put it, "Maybe I'm Doin' It Wrong."
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