Logic Pro X Plug in DISPLAY latency


And I'm not talking about playback/recording latency.

I'm talking about opening up a plugin that reacts to the waveform as it passes through, such as an EQ with realtime frequency analysis, or a compressor, and having the display of those frequencies be so behind that, in an EQ, the kick frequencies are reacting when the snare hits, and the the snare frequencies are reacting when kick hits. Same with a compressor. Everything is about a half a second behind.

I know what's where in the frequency range, but with EQ and compression plugins not reacting in real time, it's very disconcerting. Especially when side chaining things and trying to get the attack and release times just right.

I've always produced in Logic and mixed in Pro Tools, just because decades of mixing in Pro Tools just made it easier. I'm trying to make somewhat of a commitment to Logic, but if I can't resolve this problem, I'm going to be forced to continue my previous work flow. In Pro Tools, everything reacts in time with the music, so this is really frustrating.

Any suggestions?
Doesn't happen here. Visual response on the plugins is instant.
For example, the Spectrum Analyzer in the CHannel EQ or the Gain Reduction in the Compressor Plugin
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