Logic Pro 9 Plug-in / Effects suggestions for 7 piece jazz combo recording


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Greetings; I'm new to LE 9, and have my MacBook Air configured with my M-Audio and LE 9 with four tracks, one each for four separate mics. Going to be recording my jazz combo (drums, bass, guitar, keys and tenor, tenor & alto horns) in a small studio room. Will be using the mixer to even out volumes. Mics will probably be 1) horns, 2) bass (it's acoustic), 3) keys & guitar, 4) drums.

Anyone have suggestions for Plug-ins or effects to use to improve our recorded sound?

I've been messing with Channel & Fat EQ, and thought I might try adding some reverb or maybe some echo or delays, particularly on the guitar. Depends a lot of course on how the room sounds, but would be nice to have some certain ideas for the individual instruments rather than just clicking and trying what might sound good. Thanks!
For an acoustic jazz combo, there is very little you actually need.

Channel EQ only if necessary. When mixing I switch channel EQs to linear phase EQ, it keeps the same settings.

Reverb is totally up to your taste. I would use a small room in Space designer (e.g. about 1 second), probably on everything, then possibly add a little longer reverb on the horns.

For these reverbs I would set them up on a bus inserts and end then use the channel sends as required, this is (IMO) better and more controllable than inserting reverbs on the channel inserts.

Some light compression might be useful, especially on the acoustic bass as most jazz bass players are a bit more dynamic than you often want on recordings.

I presume this is a live recording, ie everyone playing at the same time, no overdubs.

One mic on the drums will work for jazz, but ideally it would be best to use a stereo mic or stereo pair of mics.

Likewise if you can get a mic each for keys and guitar you will get more separation for mixing and placement in the stereo image.
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Yes, Pete, that's correct - live recording with no overdubs. I will have a look at all of those ideas; thanks very much - great to have a bit of focus rather than just trying one thing then another!

The M-Audio has options for four 1/4" jack inputs in addition to the four mic inputs - so I could plug the guitar and keys into their own direct inputs, and use mics for 1) horns, 2) acoustic bass 3) drums and 4) room ambience.

I was thinking it would be simpler to record the guitar with a mic, so I can get the sound the guitarist has dialed in, but are there particular advantages / disadvantages of recording the guitar and keyboard via 1/4" direct input? Depends of course on what signal the particular equipment is outputting, and I will check on that.

Merci beaucoup!
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your biggest problem will be separation - I only add reverb if the musician requests it, and anything'll do. They just want to feel some 'space' while they perform.

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