Logic Pro 9 plug-in multioutput configuration choices


Hi i am using toontrack superior drummer (not 2.0) as a multi-output plug in with logic 9 and the output configurations that logic is offering in the list is not matching the plug in. i.e. mono signals are set to a stereo channel etc. does anyone know is there any way of chosing a config that is not in the list? :confused: cheers!
That is a Superior Drummer bug for sure (unless it's user error)... I use multi-outputs all the time from Addictive Drum, VSEPro, RMX, etc. And I have clients who use it in Protools with no issues.

And to be honest, Toontrack is about the worst company for support I know. I have had clients who were not able to get any support form them and eventually tossed their software after being frustrated trying to get any help from them (trying to register for their forum hasn't worked for 1 of 3 people I know who tried).
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CheersGL3, can i point out this was working perfectly in Logic7 - but then i guess one was allowed to choose your own output config. ~whatever combination of stereo and mono outputs you wanted.

but due to the fact that 2.0 has been out i doubt any bugfixes or maybe support will happen - which is why i'm wondering if there's any logic9 solution for forcing it to ask you what outputs you want.
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Do you know in Logic 9, in the mixer, that if you instantiate a multi output plug-in, that it will add a little plus sign at the bottom of the fader, and that when you press on this plus sign, that Logic will make a new aux with the next available individual output that plug-in has available to Logic?

It is now an automatic thing... so, to answer your question, the plug-in is the "device" that defines how many outputs it shows to Logic, not Logic.

In Logic 7 one HAD to create an autoload to that they would have all the necessary tacks, aux, bus, and instruments required for a song. It was a massive pain if you had to0 add even 1 of these parts to a new song. Now, you need a track to make one, and Logic dynamically creates it, if you add a bus Logic adds a new return, etc. it is a much better way of doing thing, unless you are a composer who has a huge amount of instruments you need, and then you can still create a template. I feel that the new logic 9 method is a much better way of doing things in the end.

Does that help you understand why things are different, and how they work now? It IS a drastic change, and as a long time Logic user I love it... but it did take a while to get my head around it.
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oh yes. i also had a massive logic7 template with kontakt,drummer, EW orchestra etc all set up. and i am already enjoying this new on-the-fly intuitive way of doing things in logic 9's mixer very very cool and sooo time saving......

but my question you've answered to suggest that its drummer's problem sending logic the wrong message regarding outputs ~and there's no way of manually configuring this.

i guess this can be put down to it being an old version. i really didn't want to spend $100s updating just so i can have the outputs work properly as i'm happy with the drums i've got.

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Question: you made a nuw template form Logic 9 right? Logic 7 templates are buggered due to the changes mad with the audio engine in L9.

another question: have you tried the Toontracks forums to see if anyone has any issues, or tried an update (yea It's a stupid question, but I wanna know ;-)
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well actually i've not made any template for Logic9 because everything is so much more intuitive and quicker to set up on the fly. especially with the channel strips setting system too.

i have installed the latest update they have (its a 'legacy' product now) . soi have sent a message to toontrack - so i'll post any response!
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from toontrack ~~ dfh Superior is not supported or tested anymore, so we have little chance of helping you. Your best bet would first of all be to install the latest update for dfh Superior. When done, please try and rescan your plugins in Logic 32 bit. We have no 64 bit support what so ever for Mac yet.
"you're on your own kiddo"
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