Plug-in reverbs used in out of the box mixing

Hi, I am considering buying the Bricasti as I need a 2nd reverb to use via aux on the mixer when mixing out of the box as I always do as I have plenty of nice outboard. But I also have all these nice reverb-plug ins that I never get to use as I don't want reverb before outboard gear. So when mixing out of the box with Logic is it possible to take the signal out of aux on the hardware mixer, convert it back to digital through my Apogee AD-16x, and into an unused channel in Logic where my reverb-plug in is, and then back again into an unused channel on my Apogee DA-16x and back into the board again? Is anybody doing that?
As I have 2 Macs one alternative would be to use a spare converter and do the same thing into a separate mac. I use Apogee Symphony and have symphony cards on both macs.
As a side issue, isn't reverb plug-ins as good as hardware (Oxford, Waves etc). I just can't see any logic why they shouldn't be.