Logic Pro 9 Plug-ins for mixing

Andre Favreau

I'm looking for a good set of Plug-ins for mixing to complete what Logic has. I'm more into Rock- Pop stuff.

Any suggestions? I'm ready to put as much as 1000$ but I don't want to pay if I don't have to.


1-Is it fair to say that better mixing plugins can be found than those in Logic or is that totally subjective?

2-How are Logic's plugins generally evaluated?
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1-Is it fair to say that better mixing plugins can be found than those in Logic or is that totally subjective?

I think it all depends on what you want and what it is your ears are telling that is wrong or could be improved with Logic's plugins.

Ideally get plugins that allow a demo trial so you can decide if they are giving something (you want/need) that Logic's plugins aren't.
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Yeah, I agree with Pete. Try out demos of third party plug-ins and see what fits into your workflow.

There's no real absolute answer to your questions. Logic's plug-ins are great and perfectly fine on their own. And there are also lots of outstanding third party plug-ins that bring a lot to the party when mixing. You just have to find what works for you.
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I have tons of plugs, but from time to time I have to admit; I could easily mix good mixes with just what Logic has to offer. I have now totally abandoned all other EQ's than Logic's Channel EQ. It sounds good, and is easy to use. (And works no matter new OS'es)

I do a lot of vocals and Voice Overs, and I have one pet, the renaissance comp from Waves. It's super easy and sounds great! If I only could have one plugin, it would be it.

I can't live without Celemony melodyne. Industry standard.
Waves L3 is a must for me.
If you need filters I would check out Camelaudio's Camel Fat and Camel Space as well as Fabfilter's plugs. Good stuff all of it.

PSP's Vintagewarmer is a cool Comp/saturator.

Recently I've started throwing my vocal tracks through Izotope's declicker. Removing mouth pops and saliverclicks with the touch of a button.. :)
Also Izotopes Stutteredit gets its a fair amount of use here. I'm not using it electronicaradical, more like a few stutters here and there for some candy... :)

But again Logics plugs will get you there.. :)
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I saw a Gearslutz forum discussing this very subject recently...
What I took away from that one was this: Logic's plugs are great & you can totally get the job done with them but what other 3rd party plugs offer is either something specialized or convenient in the form of design.
A good example of this is what I found with my new UBK-1 from Kush Audio...
This Compressor/Limiter/Density-Enhancer is pretty amazing right outta the proverbial (and virtual) box.
I don't know how many of Logic's Comps, Limiters & such you'd have to route, bus and stack just to get what one UBK-1 plug does in just one instance... Not that it couldn't be done, but I'd rather just dive in and quickly make some music without getting too weighed down in plug-in manipulation, (at least early in the creative process...) :thmbup:
ANother one I just got is the klanghelm DC8C which is a Master Bus Compressor (or anywhere it works,:thmbup:) which has incredible input range with very little harmonic distortion (and it's super cheap... Like $30 kinda cheap.)
Nomad has some really good analog modeled Comps, EQs, vintage warmers and delays as well... I'm a fan of their Blue-Tube compressors for tracking anything.
So these are great for my needs and immediate because they are designed with a certain set of styles in mind, right off the bat. That convenience is handy when inspiration strikes.

After that there are the specialized plugs that I love like the Soundtoys suite (which I use on everything) and some of PSP's delay/mod effects which are great as well... iZotope's Stutter-Edit is amazing even if it's a bit counter-intuitive to make work in Logic. But it sounds amazing for what it does.
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