Logic Pro (X) Plugins Won't Load During Playback



I have an issue where when I try to load a plugin during playback, I get the "exclamation point" on the plugin until I stop it. I understand loading plugins is intensive, but I don't have that many tracks or plugins loaded. I hate having to stop my music so the plugin will load. I am running 10.0.6, in Mavericks 9.1, Mac Mini 2.3 Quad Core with 16GB Ram and SSD Fusion Drive from OWC. All tracks are saved to my SSD. I never had this problem until recently. I don't know if I changed a preference or not. Is anyone else experiencing this? It's very frustrating. I'm thinking that it's maybe something to do with the way I have my preferences set. Can anyone tell me how to set it up so my system is maximized? I attached a screenshot of my preferences. Thanks.


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Hi Sava66

Yes I'm getting the same thing. I won't have a chance to look into it for a couple of days, but it is definitely something that didn't used to happen. I've not moved up to Mavericks yet and I'm using a MacBookPro so it is not a OS version related or Mac mini issue.
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