Logic Pro 9 POD Farm GUI


I just switched over to Logic from DP - I already had the Pod Farm platinum / ilok version - so everything validated fine - There is one issue that is driving me nuts - with so many presets - it was great of Line6 to create the "Search" field - IT worked fine on DP - but its not working at all on Logic 9 - does anyone have this working - or has anyone else noticed it.

think I'll be moving back to the Amplitube stuff... and certainly giving Amp Designer a whirl.

Are you running Snow Leopard? There's a lot of discussion and discontent over on the Line 6 boards about Pod Farm not playing nice with SL.

Although I think the problem is with Line 6 hardware so I'm not sure if it applies to the iLOK version.
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No ... Snow.
I haven't made that leap if faith (Atl least nit on the studio macihine)
10.5.8 ... Again the search function works fine on Dp.
I can see the search box/magnifying glass, but it won't let ne in.
Is it working for you?
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I'm on the latest OS and latest Logic. Search doesn't work for me either. It is a pain, but doesn't stop me from using the plugin. Personally, I really like having plugins from Logic, IK and Line 6. They all have their moments in the sun. Out of the three, I always find what I need. I hope IK fixes the search field though. It's definitely a drag not having it work.
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