Pop made entirely with Logic pro 8 :-)

I think this is great- sounds a little heavy on the mids and highs- but it falls within the realm of 'choice' rather than 'bad mix' - I like bass...

I thought the background vocal came out good and I loved the guitar solo- the processing on that guitar is great...

Keep in mind that this is coming from a person who exists almost solely on a diet of minimal techno...

Orren Merton

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Have a listen and tell me what you think about the sound, and mix. :)

Very nice song! :thmbup:

I tend to exist in a heavier space, so take any of my suggestions with a grain of salt. I think the kick drum is kind of lost. I get the feeling that you don't particularly want it up front, which is cool, but I think if you EQ'd the attack to be a little "sharper" it would cut just a bit more, but still not get in the way; sort of "felt but not heard" if that makes sense. Again, the music I listen to has heavier kick, so that advice may be useless to you. ;)

I like your voice, and I think the guitars and bass sound great! In general I think the mix is very clear, although you might want to go for a bit more drastic stereo separation of the more acoustic sounding guitar and the electric piano, it sounds to me like occasionally they cover each other up a bit. They sound really nice together, so it doesn't sound bad at all, but a little more separation might open it up a bit.

Great job, and thanks for sharing!


Thanks alot for listening and thanks for the advice too! I record everything through a Mindprint TRIO but most sounds where made with logic.


Hey that was wicked man. I'm a guitar junkie, loved the tone and the playing. Production values are amazing, of course i suck, so take my opinion for what it is, hahaha