Logic Pro X Portability of Logic Projects with Sampler Instruments? ("Samples Missing" in Kontakt, Battery, etc.)


Hello -

How to make Logic projects properly portable to other computers, including the (non-EXS) sampler instruments and their associated samples?
For example: Kontakt, Battery, etc.

Even if I try re-saving the Kontakt instruments into the local Logic project folder, with the samples, the instruments keep referring back to the original sample location.
So if I move this project to another computer (for collaboration, or remote work), and open it, every instrument gives the 'samples missing" error.

There must be a simpler way to do this....Any advice appreciated.


What i usually do is export the midi, and bounce an audio track without any processing.

You could re-link the samples in the error message dialog, takes time.
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When the portability aspect was originally designed there was not much in the 3rd party sounds, libraries department. I hardly ever use any of Logic's instruments, there are so many 3rd party plug-ins which suit my needs better. So the best you can do, is to print audio track, and keep midi should you need to rework the part later.

At this point, I doubt Apple would never bother to implement a way to save 3rd party KONTAKT, UVI libraries, because that would be too much work, and acknowledging that other companies, can do a better job at sounds.
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