Logic Pro 9 possible loose internal connection ?


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Logic no longer recognizes my audio/midi devices. They are listed but grayed out. My mac recently took a fall so I'm suspecting loose internal connection. My device is connected via firewire, however all the other connections still work fine ( audio out and usb ). Does this sound like a loose internal connection? Is this what the symptoms would be if the other internal connections are still good but the firewire connection is bad? Is it even possible to just loose the internal firewire connection and not the others? This what I'm suspecting anyway. If this is the case can it be fixed at an Apple store? Anyone know the answers??
Open your apps filer, then utilities, then open Audio/Midi setup, and hit the rescan button. If the connections to your midi is there as well as your audio stuff, are good, you will be able to see after that.
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In addition to the recommendation above, do the following. Make sure your FW device is plugged in, Then open your Apple menu (top left)>About This Mac>More Info>System Report>Hardware>Firewire.

Under normal circumstances you would see information about the FW bus speed and any devices connected to it.

If there were some malfunction then it's likely that there would be no information here about the FW bus.
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