Powercore VSS3 Alternative


I am quite close to finishing a rather long lasting project in my studio where Powercore has played a big role. When that is out of the way so is the X8, there's just too many issues but it leaves me with a problem. I can't seem to find any alternative to the VSS3 reverb.
I have quite a few including Sonnox, UAD 224 (and all the free ones the comes with the card) and all the Acousticas impulses for the Space Designer. They all have their strengths and for some things they are better than the VSS3 but somehow none of them can quite match it when it comes to vocals.
I am afraid that it is only possible to discuss this if you know the quality of the VSS3. If you go to TCs site you will discover that of all the plugins they leave behind after abandoning Powercore this one is probably the one that causes users most heartache.
I have noticed that Lexicon makes a rather costly package, has anybody tried that one. VSS3, like most of the Powercore stuff, wasn't exactly cheap either. I am of course asking because, like TC, Lexicon is also a company who has a reputation that will take an effort to live up to in the plugin scene.