Precision Euphonix/Logic?


On the Euphonix homepage I read the following regarding MC Mix and automating Logic

"The Artist Series provides you with high-resolution, hands-on control".

I don't have the control surface (yet) but in my experience the precision of the automation in Logic is equal to midi's 0-127. That's an interval of 128 steps for all automation parameters.

128 is definitely not "high resolution". Will Euphonix MC Mix increase this low resoltion somehow or is it just sales talk?

Orren Merton

Logic Samurai / Administrator
Staff member
In fact, the resolution of Logic's automation has never been low. It has always been 32-bit sample accurate, which is equal to thousands of "points."

As you can imagine, no mouse has enough resolution to choose between thousands of points, they just can't move that minutely. So the decision was made to limit the display of Logic's automation to 128 points on the screen, which the mouse and graphics could easily handle. But with a Logic Control, Euphonix MC controller, etc. you were capable of moving the fader to create 10-bit data, meaning you could create automation of far greater resolution than 128 points on the screen.

With Logic 9, the screen display of automation has increased to something like 250+ points. I don't recall the exact number. I believe it corresponds to being able to create points with the mouse ever .1 dB or something like that. So with Logic 9, the visual display precision of Logic's automation has increased. But even with Logic 8, all control surfaces were capable of making continuous controller sweeps with 32-bit, thousands of points precision, and not limited to the display resolution.



That sounds great.
I wonder though, why isn't this resolution shown in the Automation Event List? I understand why it's not shown/editable graphically but in a numerical list of values it's very strange this resolution is hidden. Or will it appear once I start using a precision control surface?