Preparing a monitor via Logic Pro

Ton Jenner

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Hi there,
I still fail to have a monitoring mix via Logic Pro. Set up: Microphone signal through pre-amp (JoeMeek VC6Q), to audio interface (MOTU Traveler), then into MacPro with Logic running. Playing back: stereo out mix back to the MOTU audio interface, which leads the signal to a Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro mixer/amplifier (from which I listen to the headphone output), then to a headphone amplifier for the singer. What I want: the monitoring mix should be delivered as a changeable sound to the singer: the singing louder than the backing track, or some reverb or both or anything else. Paul White describes in his book The Producer's Manual the routing of incoming signals by pre-fader sends to busses, wich are connected to other outputs than output 1-2. In my set-up: main output is MOTU output channnel 1-2; other output can be MOTU output 3-4. I lead output 3-4 from MOTU to the same Mackie mixer (on different inputs of course), so I can mix the main output with output 3-4 as I (or the singer) like.
Problem: the routing of incoming signals to output 3-4 in Logic doesn't work when recording... Is does work when playing back!? So what am I doing wrong?
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Ton Jenner

Ton Jenner

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I have made a rather strange and interesting work-around.

In Logic Pro (10.2.4) I set up a new AUX channelstrip in the mixer window, which I feed with Input 1, which is the microphone input. In the Aux I made sends and routed them to the already present Bus 1 and Bus 2. Now it works!
It doesn’t matter if I set the output of the Aux channel to Stereo Out 1-2, or Output 3-4, or even to No Output. The sends do their work.

So, I apparently have Bus channels, that don’t work when recording (nothing on the meters), but do work when playing back.
These Bus channels appear automatically when I make a send on an audio channel, and there is no way to assign a particular input in the Bus channel itself.
I cannot make a send from an Audio channel to an AUX channel (only to Busses), but I can assign a particular Input (from the audio interface) to an Aux channel; sends on this Aux channel then communicate with Busses, whether recording or playback.

Now what is the wrong thinking or doing? Is something wrong with my Logic set up, or do I misunderstand a difference between Auxes and Busses?​