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Can anyone advise me as to the easiest way to export audio files in Logic 6.4 for mixing in another platform? Ideally when creating a new merged file the automation would be integrated into it (as I assume crossfades are?), but I've been told that's not the case - but that it will do so if I bounce each track, or export each track. But I've also been told Logic 6 might not have that export feature. I'm looking for the simplest, quickest way to export the audio and preserve the level changes.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. And please excuse the recent frequent postings from me. The cd is almost finished - I'll be very quiet soon!

Version 6 does have the bounce feature. You may just want to make sure your locater ins and outs settings are set to cover you whole project. Then you can solo or mute other tracks and bounce them out one by one. That should give you audio tracks that run start to finish for each track.

Be careful of compression (especially on the outputs) being used as that will get bounced as well.

Others may have more ideas.
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Thank you Ken. That's just what I'm about to do. What about the digital mixdown feature? I assume that doesn't imbed automated volume info either, does it?
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Bit late in the day and hopefully you will have sorted this out already (didnt hear back from you yet re the 6.4.3 update)

I find the easiest way to do what youre describing here is to use 'freeze' feature. Been a while since I did this myself but think you can specify the bit rate etc in the settings (cant rememeber where at this point but if you get stuck let me know).

Then you just have to locate the freeze files stored separately and send them out to people as stems if thats what you want to do?

otherwise theyre stored with the Audio files (I think)

ps that may be a feature of 6.4.3 perhaps?

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