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Hi, I have a large sample library. The problem I have is Im a little overwhelmed with all the samples, and I need to do some simple sample preparation and maintenance before I start working on projects.

At the moment my collection mainly comprises of Sample library cds given to me in Wav format. because of this, I'm a little stuck as I seem to convert to a few wavs to aiff and then drop them in apple loop utility at a time. I need to spend a while convert all to apple loops.

My question is how do some people maintain their library of sounds. Do you give yourself time to chop all your samples and convert everything to Apple loops / Rex files.

Because i have quite a few sample packs they're all pretty organised on my external drive but in wavs and seperated in their sample pack name.

How well are you organised before you start a track?

Im using OSX
Logic Pro9 and Reason


At first, I would be tempted to advise not to worry about your samples if you opt to include the assets when you save your projects.
It's been reported that installing your samples on your system drive could eventually hinder Logic's performance / playback.
Normally samples on commercial CDs are usually organized in a logical way already.
I would not go through the process of editing every sample of a whole collection, I would be more focussing on adjusting (if need be) on what could be useful in my current project. Lots of the editing could be done not destructively from within Logic itself (and its plugins).
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