Logic Pro 9 Presonus Faderport and Automation


Hello everyone. I'm using a Faderport to try and write automation.
When I select a parameter to automate, as soon as I touch the fader, the selection reverts to Volume. It happens with every VI or plugin I've tried. Am I missing something simple? Do I need to use the Learn function to program the fader, or is it a limitation of the Faderport itself?
The Faderport is updated to the most recent driver version I believe.
Should I just buy a larger control surface? I'd hate to reprogram the fader everytime I switched tracks or parameters.

Thanks guys.
Are you sure the driver is installed correctly? When you go into the control surfaces area of the the preferences, do you see the icon of the faderport?

Have you tried to rebuild the settings (it's in the control surfaces submenu)?

I have a Faderport, and have to admit being a bit disappointed, since Presonus's support is pretty bad. It does work, but it can take a bit of work. Be sure to read the manuals (both the Logic control surfaces manual, as well as the Presonus ones).

No you don't have to reprogram it, all the settings are preset and should already be done for you.
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Thanks for the tips George.
I tried your suggestions. For some reason, it was installed as a Mackie HUI unit.
I deleted that and tried scanning for new hardware. The scan failed, so I tried to add it manually. It was present on the list of choices but clicking Add would not install it. I tried numerous times but it wouldn't go.
I reinstalled it as the Mackie unit and it returned to life.
Strange. MakeS me think it's not 100% compatible.
Oh well, it was free with purchase of the Firestudio :)

Thanks again George, guess I'm getting a better controller soon!

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