Presonus FaderPort vs. Frontier Design AlphaTrack


What I'm wanting know is how well either one of these works with Logic 9? Has anyone experienced any difficulty or oddities with either one, is one preferred over the other, and of course, if so, why?
What would be really great is if someone has had the opportunity to A/B these two units.

I have both, though I've only just got the Alpha track.

The Faderport doesn't always seem to connect properly, so it appears dead to Logic. Seems like it just doesn't work, and Presonus, while a good company, don't seem to be that concerned to fix the issues unfortunately. If you ask Protools users, they are totally pissed at Presonus, and I'm a bit disappointed that mine doesn't work as advertised.

The AlphaTrack seems to work, but I can't say until I test it a bit more. I can let you know, I will be doing some mixing with it.
I also have the faderport and it doesn't really work as George mentioned. I've called Presonus support and spoke with them at NAMM and they tried to help me but we never got it to work properly. Really disappointed since it would fill the need if it always worked.
Doesn't work at all for me when logic is in 64 bit mode.
Hmmm? From whatever other bits and pieces I've gleened from the net - and now, Daveyboy - Alphatrack seems to be the superior product.
The Faderport seems very problem-ridden.

Thanks so far for all your responses.
I've had an Alphatrack since November 2008, and it has been excellent with Logic - currently working fine in 9.1.4 in 64-bit mode. I'd also recommend.
Workaround for Faderport and Logic 64-bit

My engineer has discovered that if you set the control surface to "Mackie Designs HUI", and the output port and input port to "Faderport" (which should be available when the device is connected) then most functions appear to work.
That would be when the Mac sees the fricken thing, which seems to be once out of every 3 or 4 tries.

Nice that your engineer seems to have one that works, but I can assure you that after working with this device in many modes, and in many DAWS (Logic Protools specifically) over every update where I hope it will work as advertised, it just won't work reliably. I'm sure you will find that I am not alone in my frustration...
Still working, after several restarts, uuninstalling, disconnecting etc. But you do have to open Logic in 32-bit the first time to install it, and then open in 64-bit to work as a Mackie Designs HUI. They use the same protocol. Perhaps there are a lot of dodgy units out there?
I can´t understand the negative points. I use an Alphatrack since 2 years. From Logic 8 to Logic 9.1.5. Plug-in and works. Every function as described in the manual. I would not give up that tool.