Presonus Firebox and Korg Triton and Logic


So I just got my new Presonus Firebox and am trying to run my korg workstation into the firebox so I can record in Logic. I feel really dumb. At this point I am not a getting any response from anything.

There is no sound from the Korg coming out of the firebox.

and logic doesn't recognize.

Where did i go wrong?


When I cut off my computer I can play the keyboard through the firebox. WHen the computer is on I can't play anything and it doesn't communicate with the computer...
Update 2,
It is responding with the computer on. Something in the mixer....

Now when I play and try to record it is not picking up the signal in logic. It doesn't read.

I have it set up as an external instrument...What else?
I am new to logic, but I can tell you what I did to get my Presonus Firestudio Project to work.

First, make sure you load the drivers. Go to presonus and download the latest drivers and the presonus universal controller. That will enable you to control the device, chain them, and most importantly update the firmware.

Once the drivers are there, the Mac should be able to see the device. First things first, make sure that you can see the device. To check, go to the System Preferences>Sound to see if it recognizes the input and output devices.

If you cannot still see the device, you will want to contact Presonus.

I assume that you are aware of adding tracks in Logic with the Presonus, but you may want to confirm that the track is pointing to the firebox and that the monitor is set to on. Also, you will need to arm the track for record.