Logic Pro 9 preventing windows from opening in arrange window?


When I double-click a midi region in the arrange window I would like it to open the piano roll in a separate window on a separate screen, not squeeze my arrange window.

I jumped from Logic 6 to Logic 9. Maybe this change happened in 7 or 8?

Option double click. That will open the editor in a new window instead of the pop up.

Alternatively, you can "tear off" an editor window by click holding and dragging it from the editor name at the bottom of the Arrange Window. But this seems to open the pop up version in addition as well unfortunately. I personally think it would be better if it didn't. It defeats the purpose, since the pop up opens as well.

Better to just double click with the option key IMHO.
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I often need to have 2 or more piano-rolls open. Am I to believe that this is still not possible? I know I can open two or more tracks in the same piano-roll on top of each other. But as I am working with my two strings-sections now with different sounds, bunched on top of each other, it's not the best way. But it can not be done rigth?
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I often need to have 2 or more piano-rolls open.

No prob. Just use the Window menu item or corresponding key command for Piano Roll to open as many Piano Roll windows as you need. The default key command assignment is command 6
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You can open piano roll windows (as many as you like) from the main [Window] menu. This also avoids the problem that Eli noted. Re-size them and put them wherever you like on your screen. Make a screenset once you are set up.

I have several screensets in my default song for this purpose. I have some where the piano roll is open plus Hyperdraw enabled, with volume selected, or another with CC1 etc etc etc. Logic is highly configurable, but it is not always apparent how to do things...
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That works. Thanks for the help. I do wish the double click action were configurable as it was in 6. It's going to take me a while to break the habit of just double clicking.
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you can "tear off" an editor window

This 'tear off' a window got me thinking. I use 2 string sections, one dark and one bright sounding. So I wanted to edit them both simultaneously but in 2 separate editor-windows. If I could rip off strings#1 and then open strings#2 as a second drawer-window. But it changes it's content to the same strings. Until I deselect the 'link-button'. Now I can open Strings#1, rip it off from drawer and then open strings#2 as it's own window from the menu. This DOES give me both string-tracks in 2 separate editors and I am able to edit in both of them. (I hide the arrange-window). I have them open in front of me, one above the other and that was exactly what I wanted to do, so this was a total success, many thanks.
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I am in disbelief that I can't prevent other editors. from opening in my arrange window when I double click a region. This seems patently less "pro" than Logic 6. Like many users I have multiple screens. I don't need to have all the editors on one screen.

Why is double-click not assignable like a key command? Grrr! Thanks for responses though.
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This DOES give me both string-tracks in 2 separate editors and I am able to edit in both of them.

One thing I like to do is color my regions different colors and shift click them while the piano roll is open. In the piano roll editor select "show region colors" from the view menu. You will see all selected regions in the editor and instead of velocity you'll see the region color for the notes. You can go into a specific region by double clicking on a note, go back to the overview of all regions by double clicking in the background.

I find this great to work with, especially cleaning up tails of notes.
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