Preview of upcoming album

Hi GW,

Just listened to most of the tracks on your Myspace page-I like it! I think you add a very nice modern production slant to the jazzier tracks that makes them sound quite fresh. It doesn't sound like everything else out there and has melody. Great job, and good luck with it!

As a slightly unrelated myspace suggestion, that blue you have for the page is pretty overwhelming. You might want to tone it down a bit. But that's not an issue with the music, of course!

Take care,
Sounds very good to me - I love the guitar, both sound and playing.

It could be a little more direct/up front. For example at the start of "When I think of you" the guitar is to me a little too distant/reverberant.

I agree with Orren though - to be honest, without the "heads up" about the music, the background colour would quite likely have caused me to move on from your myspace page, which would have been a pity ...

Best of luck with the release!

kind regards

Yep, it's ugly.

I will primarily host at Band Camp, I'll give the Webfitti site building app another shot when the project returns from mastering.

Hope to have the new mixes up soon.


I'm going to do a release event, and promote and perform in my region.

A little internet marketing also, purchase facebook ads ect.