Printed Mobile I/O User's Guide now available for purchase

Allen Rowand

The Mobile I/O User's Guide is now available as a print on demand book from This is the same manual that is available in MIO Console's Help menu, printed on 8.5 x 11" paper in black and white and bound with a color cover.

The print version will be updated to match the PDF version at major dot releases of MIO Console, i.e. v5.5, 5.6 etc.

The manual is available at this link:

for $15.35 US plus shipping. This is lulu's cost for printing the manual- we aren't making any profit on it. We hope this is helpful for our users that want a hardcopy of the documentation.

It's there now.

I created a new revision, and in doing so the availability reverted to private access. The direct download link works again.
My Lulu manual arrived very promptly - but sadly it is full of garbage characters (mixed with some sense) and is therefore useless. Of course I have informed Lulu.
For the information of others - I have had no meaningful response from Lulu about my defective manual. How much time is it worth spending chasing up a $15 purchase?
And the link to Lulu is broken again.

Here's why the link is down:
Since you made a complaint to lulu, they have made the manual unavailable until we get to the bottom of the issue. We believe it's been fixed, and the manual will be available after I review a new copy.

Lulu replaced the manual FOC (of course) and the new one seems very nice (though I haven't read every page yet. Thanks everyone for a good and reasonably priced manual.