Logic Pro 9 Pro and Cons


I am still using logic 8, just recently on a new mac as well, I had a lot of bugs on my other system. Maybe because of poor file management, internet use etc who knows. But my question is have they fixed alot of bugs from Logic 8 to 9? And is there really any need for me to change i.e. If i keep my part of the bargain, Good file management, partition HD and anything else that will keep a stable system stable, Or will logic 9 provide me with a far more stable system?

Really keen to find out what the thoughts of fellow "Logic users" are.
Because I'd like to do less of this:brkwl: and more of this:D

Logic 8 = garbage, ready to walk away after 15 years.
Logic 9 = pretty cool, best daw to create music in... still has a few things that want to make me turf my Mac, but overall best version of Logic for a long time.
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****, sorry Pete excuse my ignorance, but does +1 mean good? Maybe I need an FYI with a little BTW I'm just going to LOL at myself WTF. Think I need to get out more!?

I'm assuming that it's an A+++?

Moving on to georgelegeriii comment.. AAAAHHHHHHH yes I had major issues, but being a kid of the HD and not a kid of 2inch, BUGs and instant recall is all I know...What's Calibration???? haha...Logic 8 has been a night mare for me, Screen shots, Zooming and the list goes on of things that glitch out.
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