Logic Pro (X) Pro X users in the TC?


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My name is Kevin and i am considering migrating to Logic from SONAr. My primary concern is that I am a legally blind, low vision user who needs to take accessibility into account when choosing software and hardware.

I have been using Cakewalk products since the mid 90s. However, my equipment is ancient and my accessibility solutions may not remain permanently available. I have been told that Logic Pro X has achieved a new level of accessibility using Apple's VoiceOver screen reader. Unfortunately, none of the Apple stores or guitar Center stores have a working version of Logic Pro X on the floor for me to test. Are there any Pro X users in the greater Twin Cities area who would be willing to let me look at this software with an eye toward determining whether it is truly accessible for a user in my situation?

thanks in advance for any help.

This is such an old post, but I'm curious to find out if you ever pursued using Logic? I'm helping a blind student learn Logic and would appreciate any guidance you can offer.
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