Logic Pro 8 Problem loading new exs instruments


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I am fairly new to Logic, so some things are coming along slowly. I downloaded some .exs instruments. Is there an easy way to get these into Logic? I have tried placing them into the /Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments and I can't seem to get them to show up in Logic. As well, I noticed that some factory installed instruments that I see in the Sampler Instruments folder are not in Logic. For Example, in a folder called "Textures" I have a subfolder called "Cinematic Textures" that does not show up as an instrument in Logic. However, another subfolder in the same folder called "Ambient Environments" does show up as an instrument. Ideas?

Colin Shapiro

If you add sampler instruments when Logic is closed, they will appear next time you launch Logic. However if Logic is already open, you need to refresh the EXS24.
Click-hold on the name area in EXS24 (just above the [Cutoff] button). In the menu that appears, choose [Refresh Menu].

You should be adding new instruments to your User folder which is here:
(Yourdrive)/Users/(yourname)/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments

Similarly, the related samples should go here:
Users/(yourname)/Library/Application Support/Logic/EXSamples

"Cinematic Textures" and "Ambient Environments" are both folders themselves which each contain several EXS24 instruments.

Open an Arrange window, click on the Media button (top right) to open the Media area, and click on the Library tab. Now when you select a track with an instance of EXS24, you should see all the folders and sub-folders of instruments for EXS24. Click on [Factory] then [11.Textures] and you should should have 2 sub-folders called [01 Cinematic Textures] and [02Ambient Environments]. If you select either of these, you should see the instruments in each folder.

Hope this helps


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Yep, tried all of that. No go.

Perhaps I am confused about what I am using in Logic. I add a new track, tell it to be a software instrument, then the library comes up and my new instruments are not there. I have been reading about the EXS 24, but I don't see the sampler itself. I just use "software instrument" as the track type.

Pete Thomas

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It sounds like you were possibly just looking at the channel strip settings (mneu at top of channel strip), not the menu in the actual exs interface, for which you need to load an exs then click on the menu field.

These channelstrip settings can be just a single plugin or (any) software instrument, or a whole big combination of other plugins on inserts. Some of them just happen to use certain exs instruments among other things.

Colin Shapiro

To add to what Pete said above:

When you add a new track, the Library will show Channel Strip presets.

If you go to the instrument slot and load an EXS24, the Library will now show EXS instruments.

Same for whatever instrument you load - the relevant settings/instruments/presets show in the Library. So, if you add an instance of Space Designer and that is selected, the Library will show the presets for Space Designer.