Logic Pro 9 Problem of Recording drums


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Hi,How can i record 8-10 channels of drums simultaneously in Logic.For example,i begin record,and my drummer make mistake,i use space button to play and then "R" to record but previously recording takes don't sound when i push "R".My drummer have to listen old takes but he didn't.Is it possible to play two overlapping regions in one audio track?


Yes, I record drums all the time. You can also group the drums and make comps. If all this is new to you then I'd suggest a trip over to groove3.com. Good luck.

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Hi Alex,

Your post is a bit confusing. First you ask about how to record multiple tracks simultaneously. As Dave says, it's a simple matter of grouping them (and of course assigning all the multiple inputs).

But then I _think_ you are asking about monitoring the signal during punching in? In which case, check out the auto input monitoring function in the Audio section of the Options menu at the top of the screen. Or you could just enable the input monitoring button on each of the drum tracks.

And no, you can't have two overlapping regions on a track and have them both play simultaneously (excluding the possibility of doing this using cross fades, but that's not what you are asking about).
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