Logic Pro 9 problem triplets in score editor


hello. i'm new to the forum and quite new to logic.

my problem is this; i have tried to write a triplet drum roll in the score editor because it seemed a quicker and less complicated method than to learn how to do it in the piano editor.

as you can see in the image, the score i have written does not relate to what appears in the piano editor and it sounds as wrong as it looks.

can somebody please tell me what i have done wrong ? it seemed a logical solution at the time ...

thanks :)


Doug Zangar

Your piano roll editor does not show triplets - it show two 16ths and an 1/8th note. The score editor can have its own display that does not reflect the exact performance, as you have discovered. Set your Score quantize display value 16/24as a place to start.

If you want to create triplets from the score editor, try dragging in triplet notes from the part box and don't quantize the performance after that with any setting that will break the triplets.

Other ways to do this as well - start here and see if this works.


hi and thanks. i actually solved the problem by setting the quantize for the region to 1/12 which did the trick and kept the score intact.

TBH, i'm still quite ignorant of even how the score editor works, it took many clumsy fails before i found the notation i was expecting to see.

The score editor can have its own display that does not reflect the exact performance, as you have discovered.
that seems a bit weird. i mean, what would be the point of having a visual representation (ie score) if it didn't represent the actual music ? sorry for being dumb, but is there a reason for this ?

thanks again

Doug Zangar

Glad you got it to work.

The score editor display tries to show things they way they are meant to written, not performed. For kicks, change the display to the very last setting and look at the chaos notated - this is real time, or as close as Logic can display it (do this on a live performance, pre-quantized). A simple example of this being useful is eighth notes played in a swing feel. Showing triplets will unnecessarily clutter the chart (IMHO) - not needed for pop and jazz players. So change the display to eighth note and get rid of the triplet look, while retaining the triplet feel on playback

If you want to get a good handle on the Score Editor, I have a video tutorial series at Groove3.com and Jay Asher has a book on it (try Amazon.com). Depends which way you like to learn - some people get them both.