Logic Pro 8 Problem using Axiom with Logic 8


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Equipment: Mac 2.33 Laptop; GHz Intel Core 2 Duo; 2Gig Memory; Apogee Duet; M-Audio Axiom 61

As promised, when I connected my Axiom to my mac laptop via usb, I almost instantly had sound. The pads on the Axiom produced sound and the keys produced sound. This tells me that the two machines were talking to one another.

The problem is, now I want to harness the other capabilities of the Axiom 61 controller; things like being able to engage the Logic transport from my Axiom. Or, make patch changes directly from my Axiom, and even use the faders on my Axiom to control the faders in Logic.

Now mind you, I'm not a MIDI guy, but I've been led to believe that this is possible. (While I'm not a MIDI guy, I have been a ProTools user since back in the day. I've only recently switched to Logic, and I'm quite happy I did, after getting over what I considered a steep relearning curve.)

When I attempted to install the Axiom software, my Mac told me that I didn't need to, that it could already talk to Axiom. Then reading the manual I opened Logic>Preferences>Control Surfaces>Setup>New>Install.

Scrolling through the list of Logic-Compatible control surfaces, I DIDN'T find my Axiom 61, only an M-Audio iControl. So I believe I did the right thing by pushing the "scan" button at the bottom of the screen. All it did was seem to scan the list of the forementioned "Logic-Compatible control surfaces." Shouldn't it have been scanning for any attached devices, like my Axiom 61?
What am I doing wrong? Why is everybody staring at me?

I'd appreciate any assistance. HELP!

Sorry, I forgot to mention. You can program Logic to respond the MIDI from the Axiom using automation quick access.
In Logic 9 it's in the arrange window's small menu>track>track automation.

I think Logic 8 has the feature too, but I'm not sure. Maybe track automation menu was somewhere else.

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