Logic Pro 8 Problem viewing current sample editor window


When I have several audio files (IE: voice, guitar and a drum loop), and I click on one of them to view in the sample editor window... I only get the drum loop to show and I cannot change it to the others. I can open a new window with the right one but cannot get the main sample editor window to change to a different track. What am I doing wrong or is something turned on I do not know of?? Thanks for your help in advance...
Are you familiar with the link mode? There's a chain icon in the upper left corner. It should be purple to show the contents of a selected region. Clicking on it scrolls through colors/modes.
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Thanks for the reply... I have been able to do the following since yesterdays post.
1) Get the sample editor to display both of the audios that I created. (IE the guitar and the voice). But now I cannot get it to allow the drum loop to be displayed. I have not figured out what the link does for me yet. When I toggle it, it just changes color from clear to purple to yellow. I do not know yet what this means but will llok it up in the book to see if I can make any sense of it. I still have not figured how to get the drums back in the sample editor.
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Actually yellow is the color you normally want - I'm not sure why I couldn't get it to show up in L8 when I did a quick test. Otherwise I would have suggested yellow. That allows the edit window to show content of selected region, as you've probably figured out. All the edit windows have this link button so get used checking to see how it's set and how it can work for you.
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