Logic Pro 9 Problem with Battery 3.2.3 and Logic 9...


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does anybody have the same problem with Battery 3.2.3 and Logic 9 ?
I can open it wthout any problem, even use it normally the first time I load it as an instrument. But when I reopen the logic session with a Battery instrument saved it wont give me any sound anymore out of Battery. So it just works the first time i load it but reopen a saved song with battery implemented battery wont give me any sound anymore...

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No problem here with B3.2.3, L9.1.8 and OSX 10.8.2.

You didn't mention what version of Logic 9 you're using? OSX?

Is the problem happening with just one project file or all?

Start a new Empty project, add an Apple MIDI loop or whatever you're using. Insert Battery. Save. Reopen. What happens?
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I seem to recall something like that happened here a few months ago. But I just finished a major project with no problems at all. Make sure Battery and Logic are 100% up to date. I'm also still running in 32-bit mode, fwiw.
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Well I have Logic 9.1.8 the latest I just bought from the strore !
And Battery 3.2.3 but somehow this still occurs ... hmm seems like I'm the only one !
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I have same problem.

When I quit Logic and re-open it the patterns are playing, but the sound wont start from Battery.

I got Battery 3.2.3, Mac OS X 10.8.2 and Logic 9.1.8 (running 32 Bit mode)

Actually when I click play the first hit on midi plays, but then it's quiet.

So, if I remove battery from I/O and re add it, it plays again, but all the setting are lost, so what's the point.

I have also deleted entire Battery and all preferences file and re-installed it, but nada ;(

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I'm able to open/close/reopen etc, projects created in '08 with Logic 8 and Battery 3 (Komplete 5) in my OSX 10.8.2/L9.1.8/Battery 3.2.3 set up.

A question for both Jericho7 and PHlexter:

Does this behavior :brkwl: occur with a new Empty Project file, freshly loaded with B3.2.3 and a MIDI drum file?

If not, then you could have corrupt project files. Logic wizard Doug Z. explains how to use the Project Import function here if you need to salvage the project:
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Yes CSeye, if I open empty Logic project and add the battery only, when i restart this happens again. :(

Starting with an Empty Project is a essential problem solving step. So that's now out the way.

Very strange.

Here are a few more things to consider:
1. Have you asked about this over at the NI forum?

2. Does this happen if you substitute Ultrabeat or the EXS 24?

3. Any long forgotten automation in the region or on the track?

4. Battery passes Logic's plug-in Validation process?

5. Finally, consider trashing your Logic Preferences. Two ways to do this:
a- Logic Menu>Preferences>Initialize All Except Key Commands
b- User>Library>Preferences (See attachment for the 3 to remove.) If you use this approach, you'll use lose your key commands. If you have custom key commands, they are stored here: User>Library>Application Support>Logic>Key Commands. You can load your custom KC file in the Key Commands window (option K).


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