Logic Pro 9 problem with panning control


Hi there,
I've recently updated my logicexpress 7 with logic express 9 and I have troubles getting the pan control in the mixer to "pan" ... is working more like a volume knob than a proper panning control and audio files DO NOT move from one side to the other. They just get weaker or louder in sound... anybody know how to solve this thing?

Thank you!
Are you sure you are monitoring in stereo? It sounds like maybe you only have one output of your audio interface going to both of your monitors. What audio interface are you using, and how do you have things wired up?

Also, make sure your signal is arriving at a proper stereo output in Logic's mixer and not going through any mono busses or aux's along the signal path.
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thanks Eli
i've got a motu 8pre linked firewire to my macbookpro...
this soundboard has just one stereo main out right and left...
I've connected those two output to a behringer proxl for multi monitoring purposes.
that's it ... i'm testing the thing with other project that were perfectly working with my previous release of logic but now everything is always showing up right front.
the in of the behringer are working and so are the main out of the motu.

hope you can help me. thank you
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Look in your audio preferences, in the I/O section. Make sure the stereo output is set properly. I'm not sure about the MOTU 8 pre, but some of the other newer MOTU interfaces use output 9-10 as the default output routing.

Also, verify that these old sessions you are opening in L9 have the correct output assignment. Check specifically which outputs the output channel strip is addressing, and that it corresponds to what is set in your audio I/O prefs.

Does this happen when you start a new generic empty project in L9?

The problem is either one of software routing, or outboard hardware wiring. We need to determine where the problem lies. That's the hard part. Once that is established, it will be simple to correct.
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I've double checked the i/o assignment and is marked 1-2 (stereo output)
those output are assigned to each channel strip as well
It seems more of a soundboard problem actually; I've checked using also headphones jacked in the macbook pro directly and audio is showing properly panned; thing are on the left and on the right, showing up exactly where I've placed them in the mix.
I've just sent an assistance request on the motu website.
Thank you very much for your help in the meantime!
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Yeah - sounds like maybe there's something physically wrong with your hardware.

Have you checked your settings in CueMix? Since this involves the outputs and not the inputs to your 8Pre, I doubt the problem lies here. But check it anyway. Make sure things are panned hard left and right as they are supposed to be.
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Some more to check and test ...


1) Is Universal Track Mode set equally in the old and the new version of Logic? Normally you want it on unless you do some tricky routing. However, it should be equally set in both versions otherwise the projects are not compatible, routing-wise:



2) In audio channels, check if they are set to mono or stereo and not to some other mode:



3) Make a new Logic project, insert a stereo Test Oscillator (preferably with pink noise) in an instrument channelstrip and put a panning Tremolo into this strip (this is the Tremolo default setting). If you see the level wandering left and right but can only hear one channel, look at the Logic output channelstrip. If this is ok also, the failure is after Logic, in Cue Mix, your monitor controller, your monitors, whatever.

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All of these are great suggestions. To add to this:

If you are talking about stereo tracks, the pan control is really a "stereo balance" control. It lets you select the emphasis between channels, and depending on your specific stereo signal, this can seem like a "volume" control. If, for example, you have a loud dry sound in one channel, and only it's reverb coming through the other channel, the pan knob will not move the dry signal from channel to channel, but change which channel is more prominent, which can seem to reduce the signal dramatically. For a real stereo pan effect for stereo channels, you can often get cool results using the Directional Mixer plug-in.

However, for mono tracks, the pan knob should always appear to "move" the signal from one channel to the other.

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I think that the problem had more to do with the soundboard than with logic itself..
Following the kind suggestion of one of you, I got in CueMix and made some changes there on the master section. No big thing actually, I've just deselect the output first and then reassign it.
Once I've turned it off and then refire it, everything was working properly.
thanks very much for your response and kind advices.
Hope this helps.
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