Logic Pro 9 Problem with Software instrument's live mode...


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Hello Guys,

I'm new to the forum and I need your help with a problem that I really cannot solve.

I 'll try to be quick:

I'm using Logic Pro 9 live with a Liquid Saffire 56 for my live shows.
In my project, I have all the bases with sequences of the lineup and tracks software instruments played by a master keyboard via midi trough the sound card above.

Through an environment that I created, the software instruments that I want to use are switched by a Cable switcher object.

The problem is simple: each time I switch the MIDI signal to a soft instrument, this does not go into "live mode", but first it needs a midi signal (sustain, notes, etc. ...), otherwise the first note has a latency of about 100 ms ...

The problem is that in my live show, I cannot always push my sustain pedal for each sound change in order to activate the soft instrument.

I thought then, to insert into the tracks of every soft instrumentruments a midi track that send a sustain midi signal just before using that instrument ... but it doesn't work ... it seems that in order to work, logic wants to receive the first midi signal exclusively from a physical input , hence from my master ...

Is there a quick solution to overcome this problem? or possibly leave all the soft instrument ALWAYS live mode?

Thanks in advance to everybody!


Robert Wilson

Probably not much help but this is one of the reasons why Mainstage was developed.

Software instruments are loaded straight into 'live mode' in Mainstage.

I stopped using Logic on stage as soon as MS was released.


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Thank you very much Robert,

I know that Mainstage would work better but I have to use everything linked to audio sequences and I'm obliged in using logic....


Robert Wilson

When you say 'audio sequences,' do you mean you need the sequencer from Logic?

I trigger audio segments (in my case backing tracks) via the playback plug in.

I also use Ultrabeat to create sequenced loops for tempo-shifted links between songs.


Hi Andrea,

I know what you mean and you are not the first one who post that.
Long time ago I started to develop "Logic Jammer Pro" which is a Logic Environment template where you can switch the pre-loaded Software Instruments smoothly (no interruption) line hardware synth. It supports 256 Instruments combining CC and PC external control. Anyway the prototype is working fine, and i may release it officialy but need time to make the Videos and Tutors.

What I can offer for now is to try one method "Awake Live Mode ON Tip"
I have published before, where I created some Enviro additional tools to solve some problems. Here is the tip link.


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hey Tangra!! that's very kind of you!!!I am desperate ;-).
i had a look at your post about the tips and maybe i need something more simple.

anyway i'll try to load your attached file and set this with my existing environments.

I hope your "logic jammer pro" wii be out soon....:)))

thanks again!


Andrea, I hope you have got version 2 ( the most bottom ) in the link I showed.
Version 2 offers another approach of using the A.I in Live Player mode in Logic. Read carefully my instructions there.
Regarding the Jammer Pro I'll do my best :thmbup: