Logic Pro (X) Problem with using the GM-sounds Quicktime Sythn Logic X 10.0.4.

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Hello everybody, I just started to use the Logic X 10.0.4. When I open some old projects which I did with Logic 9.1.8., I cannot hear the midi GM-sound of the Quicktime Synth. I checked all the Environment settings. I guess there is some problem with the in- and output of the midi channels. When I press a key on the keyboard, I see a light on the channel, which means that the keyboard is sending a signal, just the GM device at the Environment, which is connected to the Quicktime Synt, somehow doesn't react on that signal.

Here you can take a look on some screenshots I did (my version is in german, sorry for that...)


Thanks in advance for helping me !


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The QT Environment object is discontinued in Logic X. You can use the QT Software Instrument alternative instead - the Apple DLS Music Device (it is better cause you can Bounce it etc).
There are a few problems with the DLS MD by the way:
1. When you load it, its interface shows as usual. If you are in Mountain Lion and try to close its interface LogicX crashes (no such issues on Mavericks). There is a little trick on ML. Leave it shown and do not touch it for a minute for example, after that open some other plugins etc. Try to close the DLS after while. If that works on your system, just save the project and do not open the DLS anymore - use the Smart Controls instead (there are 3 parameters only: Global Level, Global Reverb & Global Tune.
2. You have to create a Multi Instrument in the Environment with correspond tracks in the Arrange (Main Window) and cable that Multi to the DLS Channel Strip. Select the Multi and set its midi port to "No Port" in the Inspector. Create midi tracks in the Arrange for that Multi and choose the GM patches from there. Go the the Logic Project Settings => MIDI and enable "Send After Loading Project: "Used Instrument Midi Settings" and save the song. This step is important cause Logic must send the Program Change messages to the DLS when you open the project next time!
3. There is one more challenge - the GM Volume & Pan (CC7 & 10). It is a good idea to enable the Vol. & Pan check boxes in the Multi midi tracks and control the GM Level & Pan from there (it is stored in the project).
The problem is that CC7 & 10 will mess the Software Instrument (DLS MD) level fader and the pan knob.
I have developed a special script (Control Change DUO) for the scripter Midi FX plugin which hacks the problem. The CC DUO will be released with my upcoming Mega Script Toolkit but I plan to release the CC DUO as free plugin after that - stay around ;).
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