Logic Pro 8 Problems Empty LIBRARY Files


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I am new with Logic 8 & going thru some training exercises with a book called "Logic Pro 8 Beyond the Basics". Right now am on one on one of the excercises "RECORDING LAYERED MIDI TRACKS. So, I have Selected Instr 2 for the Channel. Then in the "Arrange Channel Strip", I chose "ES E (Ensemble Synth) >Stereo. I then went to the LIBRARY and chose "Deep Space". The problem I am having is the after I choose "Deep Space" I notice that the actual "file" icon itself shows that there is nothing in the File. In fact all of the files choices inthe LIBRARY show that there is nothing in their files. Consequently I can't Sample the sound of the MIDI file on finish the exercise because the file shows there is nothing in it. Since Logic 8 depends on the Channel Strip choosing what sounds are chosen for the Library, how can this be happening where I don't have all the required Files? For the next step they want me to choose EFM1 which i did then in the Library selected 07 Warped FM> which shows as full File but then asks me to add Aqua Enchant which I did but Aqua Enchant file was empty just the same. Anyone know the answers for these problems?