Logic Pro 8 Problems importing OMF/AAF files into Logic Pro 8


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Does anybody have experience importing OMF or AAF files into Logic Pro 8.

The files were exported from AVID on a Windows based machine.

The files do open to some degree, but the sessions looks nothing like they should.

The OMF file simply puts one audio sample after another on consecutive tracks.....and the AAF version misses most of the audio information but some of the audio files do appear and play in the correct positions.

Before the file was exported from AVID, all volume changes and cross fades were removed.

There are a lot of audio files included in the OMF session (something in the region of 400). I did read that this could have been a problem in Logic Pro 7 but shouldnt be in version 8.

I'd be very grateful for any help.

Oh.....I'm running Mac Os 10.5.6 on a Mac Pro by the way.
Neither Avid or Digidesign seem to be the most stable platforms for AAF or OMF formats, I went through a lot of hassles with an overly expensive TDM system two years ago where their answer was if I wanted AAF/OMF import export - I must be running an avid workdesk and protools with dv options...

Now here's the funny part...I was running a protools system with the DV options.And was importing the AAF from Sony Vegas (Sony is a member of the same open commitee as Avid for AAF standards) We discovered later that there were some specific formatting issues with Avids files that almost no editor but Final Cut and certain updated versions of Steinberg Nuendo would even try to open. Your Mileage may vary, but I can say that protools 8 still exhibits the same errors with those same files to this day, so what it is still goes back to Avids formatting, if you can resave them, choose type 1 with no metainfo and raw file export with tl if you can get the source to do it for you.

if not

if possible, import it to final cut (it seems a little more tolerant about avids proprietary formatting) and export it to raw linear tracks from there. It's about your best bet.
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Importing OMF created in Nuendo

I had an issue come up with an OMF file this morning. This one was created in Nuendo. A flute/sax player friend went from the UK to stay with a friend in Delhi, India and did some recording there in a small commercial studio. There are flute, tabla and vocal tracks. She asked me to do a mix for her. I suggested she got an OMF export from the studio and she managed to call them long distance and get them to do this before they erased the files from their HD. The file was sent by snail mail on a CD-ROM as they didn't have good broadband access. My friend sent the file to me by YouSendit, who have proved pretty reliable in my experience.

When I import the OMF file I get:

An OMF error has occurred.
Error code 195, description OMFI_ERR.Failed a semantic check on an output data

The audio files themselves import, but no audio tracks are created and there is nothing on the arrange page.

I looked this up on Apple's site and note that other people have had this error come up, without any satisfactory solution.


I'm moving towards trying to find somebody with another DAW in my area who might not have these import problems, so that I can bounce down the individual audio tracks. There are something like 70 vocal files alone, including muted parts. This is a very 'organic' track - there is no blindingly obvious structure, so there is no way I can rebuild it all for her. It's very frustrating, as the audio is beautifully recorded and there is some great playing.

Any thoughts?

Tony Thompson
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you can contact me at spectralmechanics @ comcast.net and I'll see if I can help with it. I can't promise anything, but I am a cross platform studio, so it might be possible i can help
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I have now attempted to load it in Wave Editor, Deck, Soundtrack Pro & Final Cut Pro as well as Logic. My flute player friend managed to try it in DP5, with the same result, so I reckon the file is corrupt. Case closed, Inspector!:(
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AV Transfer

I use Logic for post work on smaller projects. (commercials, short films, etc) In the older days I always had to open OMFs from AVID with a separate program called AV Transfer and resave the OMF to work with Logic. The program is like $800 but you can download the demo and see if it can open / play that OMF. (The demo version allows you to export OMFs but puts random beeps in the audio.)

I've found AV Transfer can open OMFs most other programs can't.

OMF / AAF has always been such a crap shoot in Logic. There are *very* specific ways it has to be exported or Logic fails to read them. (OMF - imbedded audio Type 1 OMF as I recall. AAF - wave or aif external files. Never mxf from AVID. Never embedded in AAF.)

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