Logic Pro 9 Problems with midi/volume control


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Hi _ Can somebody please help? I have Logic 9 and import midi files from Finale. After assigning instruments to each track (some from Miroslav Philharmonic and some from Logic) and adjusting the volumes of each, they seem to jump back to a default position when I return the recording to the beginning - but not if it's looped or just paused. I've tried everything but can't locate the solution. Help, please!!
If you use your event editor and open 1 track at a time, you will likely discover that the midi files you are using have initial settings right at the beginning of each part: patch change, pan setting, and volume level. Just select them and delete.
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If you use your event editor and open 1 track at a time,
Using Event list is an old (but most famous) method which takes time & nerves.
Long years ago I posted a trick how to do that in one go.
It is simple - the Transform !

Example: If you want to delete volume CC#7 events of the all midi tracks in the arrange in one step you can create a Transform preset like this.

Template Mode = Delete (Top Right)
Condition Status = Control
Condition -1- (Pitch) = 7

Select all midi regions in the Arrange (Cmd + A) open the Transform preset and hit "Select & Operate" which will delete all level CC7 in one go. Same with CC10 (Pan), Program Change etc.
Something more - you can backing up (neutralizing) this midi data if you need it in a later step. I have posted some tricks about that backing up (midi data clutching) in other forum. Here is the LINK where my nick is "Scandor".
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I imported a Finale file that I had exported as a MIDI file into Logic a few days ago. My problem was a combination of the program change calling the audio units synth (instead of the VI I had loaded), which was also creating a feedback loop. Very irritating.

One nice side effect of the slop included, when Finale mucks up a MIDI export, is its "humanize" function. There were some velocity changes that showed up in the hyper editor that I did like.

I actually deleted the program change at the beginning while viewing that "lane" in the hyper editor. It showed up as a barely visible bar line, so is tough to grab, but can be deleted.

I had to change the "input" and "output" as well. That was creating a loop.
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